Green meals served with love

in Brenderup Højskole

Common meals are important

for the community

We serve green and varied food and we work all the time to use the most possible sustainable and ecological products.

Most of the year we harvest and use vegetables, herbs and berries from the school's permacultural garden and green house.

It is important for us to create calmness and respect during lunchtime. That is why the meal is presented, and we enjoy it together as a group in the dining hall, with focus on being together and talk.

The food is not just a source of energy,

it has to be enjoyed.


Good to know about meals at Brenderup Højskole

Three days a week the main meal is vegetarian, three days it is with meat and one day with fish. There is always vegetarian food for those, who register as vegetarian. 

Unfortunately we are not able to serve 100% vegan food but our vegetarian food are often vegan

Bread and cakes are home-baked from ecological products.

We have Bronze-mark in ecology, and 50 % of our purchased food products are ecological. 

We pay attention to food allergies.

 Tina Warbrick                    
   Lead cook                                                                                                    
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 Lene Rasmussen                
   Lead cook                                                                                                    
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