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Cultural evening

Cultural evening is a common subject, where we take a closer look at our own and each others' cultures. Through creative activities, games, dance, music, food, conversations and debates we dive into the traditional values, that form us human beings. We become more aware of our own identity and of which values we wish to have as a foundation of our lives. At the same time our curiosity and respect for other cultures and ways of living a life are growing. 

Antropology, people and culture

In antropology we grab the basic questions about the human, the cultural, the possible and the impossible in understanding them, that our different from our selves. Our starting point is antropology as academic discipline and from this perspective we look at, what it means to be a human being - socially, culturally and existentially. In theory and in practice.



Meeting of cultures

in Brenderup Højskole

You will meet the world in Brenderup!

Our everyday life and teaching is built on this meeting of cultures, where we explore each others'
similarities and differences. 

Your life and your interests will be seen in the light of others eyes. This moves your prejudices and gives you a new kind of perspective, how life is lived

in other lands and cultures.  

Your intercultural skills will develop and your stay at our højskole gives you a boost towards a study in anthropology. A stay at Brenderup Højskole is also an excellent starting point for a travel or volunteering.

In Brenderup Højskole you will meet young people from the whole world.

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