Your travel begins the moment you walk in our door. At Brenderup Højskole you will meet an international environment with people and input from all over the world. At our place you will find the inspiration as well as the professional depth and width. You will also find the peace and the guidance that you’ll need to create a life time experience. As with any stay at a Højskole our aim is to give the individual student a wider view at the world and a deeper insight in oneself. This is to be sure that your having a meaningful travel experience. This will be a travel experience that makes points of references in your memory and gives you values as a human being. When you travel with Brenderup Højskole you’re not just traveling to see the world – you’re going to participate in the world. The Travel Class is ideal for those who wants to really get to know the people you’re meeting out there and you’ll get a deeply insight into their culture.

One Period at the højskole – after that Nepal

The travel module itself last between 8 and 12 weeks and will concentrate about one local project. Before you leave you’ll make an agreement about being a volunteer for this certain project. In this way you’ll experience that you’re making a difference and thus your travel experience gets substance and content. Of course the project accords with your skills and interests, and we surely wants to help you to find out what your project is going to be.
We start in our international environment at our Højskole.
Our aim is to build a bridge between the grand tour of the past and nowadays stay at a Folk High School.


Your time at Brenderup Højskole will be a preparation for you as a volunteer. You will learn about the country you are about to go to (geography, history, political relations, religion) and you will also be prepared for the barriers you will meet when you have your everyday life in Nepal. What does it mean to meet a culture and a people with a totally different vilkår in their everyday life. In which way will you as a representative from ”the rich world” be able to cooperate about a life with more opportunities. For you and for them!

Departure times 

Our travel class leaves twice a year.


You will take part in the semester from January to Juneand depart for Nepal the day after the end of the semester for a 10 week stay.


The semester begins in the middle of August and follow the autumn semester. One of the very first days of January, you will leave for 10 weeks in Nepal.



You will be a part of our volunteering program in the villages around Sermathang. You will also participate in a teaching program in Nepal. During this program you will among other things have language lessons in Nepali every week. After an introduction course in Kathmandu, you’ll move to the village called Sermathang, this village is 5 hours drive and 5 hours walk away from the capital Kathmandu. This village has a beautiful view over some of the highest mountain in the world. You will be accommodated in a shared double room and have your meals at a local guest house.

In your daily life you are supposed to participate in various volunteering tasks. Some examples are: teaching in the local school, among this teaching in basic English during the morning, participate in the building of a new sustainable house for the volunteers, teaching the women and small development project with the young people. We have also planned a trek in the height of 4600 meters among the peaks and this will bring you through the pass Gosaikund. Your guides through this trek will among others be old students from Brenderup Højskole. The religion in the mountains are Tibetan Buddhism and during March there will be plenty of festivals to participate in. You should expect to live among the people, who would really like to show you around in their surrounding and make you a part of their life.

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