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PERMACULTURE and Ecological Gardening in Brenderup Højskole

Would you like to produce food in harmony with nature?

Come and widen your horizont for nature and food production – get a practical introduction to how to grow food according to the principles of permaculture and discover how food can be harvested in the wild nature. Nature is a crucial player when we speak about sustainability and self-sufficiency, and during the classes we dive into different forms of cultivation of food through practical work with plants.


In Brenderup Højskole we have established a permaculture garden - we are going to continue working with and developing it. We will also go through important topics such as earth's life and structure.

Come and learn with us.... with the right knowledge, we can contribute to restoring the ecosystem again.

Practical gardening & Permaculture

#Practical work and developing the permacultural garden

#Soil, micro organism, ecosystems and basic plant biology

#Different cultivation methods



#Biodiversity in the garden

#Agricultural policy and today's food production - what is healthy food?

#Plant propagation

#Edible flowers


#Mushrooms, sprouts, fermentation and much more

During the classes we will take on a few inspirational trip, wher we experience and learn from experienced plant lovers and see different ways of producing food.



Harvest, Herbs and Nature


#Establishing herb gardens

#Medicinal herbs


#Various landscape and endangered plant- and insect species

#Tea mixtures, tinctures, oil, salt, spice mixtures and more

We learn in nature and go for inspirational trips.


Teacher: Sara Overgaard Jensen

Sara has her degree in ecological agriculture from Sogn Jord- og Hagebruksskule in Norway. She has many years of practical and theoretical experience within organic and biodynamic agriculture. Sara focuses on sustainable and healthy food - and cultivation of edible plants. Understanding nature and permaculture are important tools to create a sustainable future.

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Stationsvej 54, 5464 Brenderup

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