Price, grants, funding


Prices for international students - long stay


School Fee - Shared room/week      2021         

School Fee - Single room/week       2021

Study trip  5-7 days         


Enrollment fee                                           

Case Order ID for visa application*                   

Pillow and duvet                                                        

Bed linen                                                              

Bike rental                                                                

Bike deposit (will be refunded at the end of the term)     

Extra cost for Nepal travel line**                

* Does not apply to EU'citizens

**Includes 6-7 weeks volunteering stay in Nepal. Price can differ.

Price examples

Spring 2021  (24 weeks in shared double room)            

Support options

For information about opportunities for Danish citizens (e.g. mentor student, muncipality support, unemployment support etc.) please view the site in Danish. 

Newly arrived refugees and family reunited immigrants
Newly arrived refugees and family reunited immigrants who are eligible for an introduction program, may attend folk high school as a part of their individual contract with the muncipality. Refugees can choose to attend folk high school right after receiving asylum. They may receive support from the municipality to cover the self-payment.

Südschleswig and Sønderjylland

Students with a residence in Südschleswig can apply for support from the Danish School Association for Südschleswig. Students from Sønderjylland can apply for support from Sønderjysk Skoleforening if they are a member.

Faroese students

can apply for travel scholarship for at least one academic year from Studulsstovnurin, Tórshavn:
Tlf.: +298 356 800

Greenlandic students 

should turn to Majoriaq in their town. 

Icelandic students

can apply for support from: Foreningen Norden, Kbh. Ø.
Tlf.: +45 3342 6325
In addition, it is possible to apply for Nordplus via Nordic information account.

Swedish students 

can apply for support through: Centrala Studiestödsnämmden
Tlf. +46 6018 6000


Norwegian students

can apply for scholarship and loan for at least 3 months long stay through:
Statens Lånekasse for utdanning:
Tlf.: +47 2272 6700

Finnish students

can apply for support through Statens Studiestøttecentral in Finland and scholarship through Pohjola-Norden.
Tlf.  +358 9 4542 080  

Starting dates in 2021 (long stays)


24 weeks      3th January – 19th June 2021

19 weeks      8th August - 19th December 2021

Starting dates in 2022 (long stays)


24 weeks      3th January – 19th June 2022


International Students

We accept a limited number of international students each semester.

Therefore, we prioritize students who can participate throughout the whole course i.e. 24 weeks/19 weeks.


We are flexible

Situations might occur where we have room for international students on stays shorter or longer than the regular number of weeks.  –  we can always have a talk about duration and admission time.

If you are in a hurry to start at our folk high school and just can’t wait until the beginning of the semester, you can mail us and we might be able to find a solution.


If you cancel a long course earlier than four weeks before the start of the course, we will refund your payment minus the Enrollment fee and Case Order ID (if applicable).

For cancellations later than four weeks before the course, the entire amount is unfortunately lost. 

If you are unable to obtain a visa to Denmark, we will return your payment minus the visa application fee.

Refunds can only be transferrede to the bank account from which they were transferred in the first place.


To protect your personal data, the school is not allowed to keep your bank information. So in case of cancellation, you will have to send the IBAN, Swift, and Accountnumber.

1.390 kr.

1.590 kr.

3.500 kr.


1.850 kr.


2.350 kr.


300 kr.

125 kr.

200 kr.

250 kr.

10.000 kr.


41.935 kr.


Besides improving your personal and social qualifications, a folk highschool stay will be able to strengthen your peronal development. If you are at a crossroad in life, you will experience Brenderup as a place to find new inspiration and energy to carry on along your way in life.
If you need guidance, the teachers of the school will offer lots of support and help to get personally and professionally resolved.
You grow by being a student at Brenderup. You leave as a new individual.



After your stay in Brenderup Højskole -
Get a free volunteer stay
 in Europe!

When you have finished a semester at Brenderup Højskole and have the courage for more, we can help you find a ½ or 1 year volunteer opportunity somewhere in Europe.

You provide your energy and labor, in return you will get all expenses for travel, insurance, food and accomodation covered and even pocket money.

You get the chance to volunteer somewhere in Europe, learning about this country's culture, everyday life, working life and leisure.

Volunteering jobs can be diverse, both work in agriculture, environmental and recycling projects, activating socially disadvantaged groups, leisure and holiday activities for children and young people, support and education for children or young refugees to name a few.

Brenderup High School helps you find whatever appeals to you. But sign up soon as we have limited space.

Call us for more information.



Stationsvej 54, 5464 Brenderup

64 44 24 14