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Sustainable constructions, Tiny Houses and Off-Grid systems

Brenderup Højskole has been focusing a lot on sustainable building in the last few years. Our new Off-Grid strawbalehouse is ready and in the coming years will stand its test. Course participants and Steen Møller have created new knowledge and a fantastic sustainable, innovative house.

The next step will be in the same direction – but different – as you and we have to become even smarter in sustainable building and sustainable lifestyle. We will focus on mobile solutions. We will work with the ’Tiny House’ concept. The course still has the same inspiration of sustainable constructions and materials, Off-Grid and focus on a greener future.

The course emphasizes willingness, responsibility and community, and we practice the ability to dream and to realize the personal and the community’s visions.

This course is for you who want knowledge about – and skills in – drawing, designing and building your own Tiny House, while receiving education in Off-Grid systems, sustainable construction and materials.

During the course you will work both individually and in a community. You will receive instruction – and time – for drawing and designing your own Tiny House – from dream to ground plan and model. Parallel we will build a Tiny House  together and explore the wonderful world of aspects in living Off-Grid.

Through the practical processes in the actual construction you will acquire experience as well as you will get the possibility to apply your newly acquired knowledge and skills around constructions, materials and tools.



The course is built up by 4 chosen subjects with specific focus areas:

-        Design, drawing, model building, aesthetics and dreams

-        Off-Grid systems and Off-Grid living

-        Knowledge of tools and materials and sauna building

-        Tiny House building


Download the description of subjects here


For further information, you are welcome to contact Mads Ulrik Stæhr, tlf. 2328 4984.


Mads Ulrik Stæhr, autodidact multi-craftsman with passion for sustainable construction and a greener future

Steen Møller, educated farmer. Debt and waste-free self-builder. Initiator of Friland and Grobund Ebeltoft

Peter Mogensen, organic farmer, teacher educated in The Free Teacher School and has pdc certificate in permaculture


Moreover, we will invite guest teachers, for example Frank Erichsen (Bonderøven) and other skilled people with a specific professional knowledge about e.g. solar panels, isolation, clay, self-sufficiency, toilet solutions, drink water collection, global sustainability, etc.

There will also be time to visit and get inspired by already existing buildings and sustainable initiatives in our society.


You also get…

Apart from sustainable construction, there is a wide range of supplementary subjects to choose from. You also participate in the common subjects at Brenderup Højskole – and last but not least participate in the "højskolelife" with young people from the whole world in the intercultural meeting at Brenderup Højskole.

The next course is held between 11th August – 21th December 2019 (19 weeks)

Steen Møller

Let us build houses that points to the future


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