The world is full of surplus materials: clothing, bicycle tubes, chips/candy bags, plastic, paper, fabric, yarn, leather, furniture, cables, cushions and so on and so on.
During all of the Upcycling Design classes the challenge will be to create unique, useful and valuable products out used materials.

To reach this you will during all of these classes have the possibility to develop your creativity and your sense of shapes and colors. You will achieve many different techniques, which will be useful in your future work with upcycling materials and thereby put your own individual touch to the products.


#Clothes and costumes
Re-designing of 2hand clothing. You will learn how to change the size and style of the clothing so that it fits you perfectly. When working with costumes we focus on the creative process.

#Furniture and pallets

Re-design of old furniture and new-design of garden furniture out of pallets. Together we work on the ideas, before we saw, drill, sand, paint and decorate our products. The Goal: Unique furniture.

#Baskets and bags in textile

Simple bags and baskets in textile. The purpose of this is that you achieve basic skills in sewing on the sewing machine. Designing, coloring and composition tasks.

#Printing on textile

We use transfer print and frame press on different types of textile. It can be t-shirts or different pieces of textile material, which we after printing use for cushions or bags.

#Upcycling rubber
We will sew out of tractor, trailer and bicycle tubes. We will use a material that is not exactly what we will make it into. We will make bags, purses, jewelry and pencil case. Besides this we will develop new ideas, make special bags and designs.

#Willow, bark and rubber

We will work with various traditional weaving techniques. We will weave traditional baskets and might even combine this with materials as bicycle tubes and PC cables.

#Handmade Paper

Manufacturing handmade paper out of various materials. We will use the paper to create and make boxes, collages, pictures and jewelery.

#Sweater surgery

Slippers, mittens and hats made out of an old woolen sweater. Designing patterns, sewing techniques and decorative stitching.

#Weaving in different materials

We work with weaving techniques to create baskets and bags. The materials are newspapers, wallpaper, chips bags, wires, etc.


Kirsten Svenningsen

The fact that students come from all over the world is the most amazing about this place.


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